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Equip and Build promotes holistic health, wellbeing and wellness that leads to greater positivity, self-belief and actions. We only get one life, let's live it well.


At Equip and Build, our heart and passion is to see people reach their full potential, whatever that looks like.  We believe everyone has strengths, abilities, skills and knowledge, as well as the ‘right’ to achieve all that they can.


The American social reformer, and abolitionist, Frederick Douglass said, ‘It is easier to build  strong children, than repair broken men.’ We provide the opportunity to do both, through bespoke training and consultancy, working together, with one mind and purpose.

  • We run many different course across our three categories.
  • We promote group learning in an encouraging environment.
  • All our courses increase health and wellness.
  • Our courses take place in a variety of venues.
  • We have a wealth of experience that enables others to fulfill their potential.

Equip and build business

We recognize that the workforce is your greatest resource. You want the best out of them therefore we invest in them.

equip and build wellness

We offer a safe space where people can work through issues, hurts, grief, stress and anger. Empowering them to step into a healthy future.

equip and build early years

We offer onsite staff development training for individuals or your whole team.  This allows for discussions and the opportunity to ask specific questions about a topic.  Sharing ideas and knowledge.

giving people a different story of who they can be


Below are our hand picked most popular courses.

Check the out to, see what all the talk is about.


Email : info@eqiupandbuild.co.uk